Water Management

As climate changes and rainfall are unpredictable, water resources have gradually become an important and rare resource, and water management has become increasingly important for production and costs. The main water used in each factory is general usage, and the Yantai Honghuasheng factory will have a large amount of production water due to process requirements. The water source comes from the local formal water supply system, and the water consumption does not reach 5% of the consumption of a single water supply source.

Water consumption of each factory is as follows:

Electricity Management

The power sources of each factory are all electric sources, and there is not much waste gas emissions in the production process. Therefore, the greenhouse gas emissions are mainly calculated based on the carbon emissions generated by the electricity use.

Electric usage of each factory is as follows:

Wastes Management

Randomly discarded waste has become the main source of marine pollution and constitutes a deadly factor for marine life. In order to reduce pollution, protect marine life and reduce costs, we committed to increasing the recycling rate of materials, and only those who cannot be recycled are sold to resource recycling contractors. For hazardous waste disposal, first declare the type and quantity of hazardous waste materials to the environmental protection platform in accordance with the law, and then a qualified contractor will come to the factory for recycling and treatment on a regular basis.

Wastes summary of each factory in 2020 is as follows: